Website design and development for the Visual artist, Sofie Berntsen.

Website design and development for Dyretråkket borettslag

Website design and development for the performing artist, Ingvild Holm.

Website design and development for Artists, Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf

Website design and development for Ringneskunsthall

Website design & development for Stiftelsen Fritt Ord

Website design and development for a website about whistle-blowing and freedom of expression at work

Website design & development for NKT for FH, Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for familiær hyperkolesterolemi

Website design and development for Pion - Sex Workers Interest Group in Norway

Website design for Ingvild Tennfjord, an award-winning journalist and author, specialising in wine

Website design & development for Sølvesen Myhre Berntsen Antikviteter, an Oslo based antique company

Website design and development for Christiansen Linguistic Services, an Oslo based translation company

Website design and development for Tengneklubben, a Norwegian Artists Group

Website design and development for Haugerudåsen sameie

100 Norwegian Photographers

Curated and edited by the artist Ina Otzko, 100 Norwegian Photographers is a magnificent volume of photos from today’s Norwegian photography scene.

Exhibition brochure, Jone Kvie

Brochure for the exhibition, Jone Kvie at  Stavanger kunstmuseum, 1st November, 2019 – 1st March 2020.
Designed in collaboration with Ulf Verner Carlsson.

Historiekonkurransen 2019/2020

Brochure/Poster - History project competition

Look North, A Horizontal State of Mind

Catalogue and poster for The Association of North Norwegian Visual Artists

Graduate exhibition catalogue, KHIO

Graduate exhibition catalogue 2016, Art & Public Space/Medium & Matrial Based Art, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo National Academy of Arts.

Look North, What are we talking about?

Catalogue for The Association of North Norwegian Visual Artists

All that is banned is desired

Programme and Report for the World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression, Oslo

Trees in Norway, Poster series

A series of 12 posters on the theme of "trees in norway" commissioned in cooperation with The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and National Center for Natural Sciences in Education

Tegneklubben Posters

Exhibition posters for the Artist Group, Tegneklubben

Socialdemokratisk utenrikspolitikk i Trumps verden

Book, Social Democratic Foreign Policy in Trump's World

1974, Terje Nicolaisen

Album artwork for Terje Nicolaisen's 2016 album, 1974

Fritt Ord konkurransen 2011

Brochure - Fritt Ord Project Competition

Historiekonkurransen 2016/2017

Brochure - History project competition

Et muskel- og skjelettregnskap

Book, Et Muskel- og skjelettregnskap: forekomst og kostnader knyttet til skader, sykdommer og plager i muskel- og skjelettsystemet

Historiekonkurransen 2015/2016

Brochure - History project competition

Journalistikk og demokrati

Book, Journalism and democracy. What about the media? What can be done?

Fritt Ord-konkurransen 2012

Brochure - Fritt Ord Project Competition

Fritt Ords Pris

Invitation cards, programme and set design, Freedom of Expression Foundation

Historiekonkurransen 2013/2014

Brochure - History project competition
Packaging Design


Package design for shampoo, formulated for the prevention of head lice

Envirom Green

Product range. Organically based biostimulants for soil and water treatment


Full mineral supplement, a completely unique source of a number of important minerals and trace elements the body relies on

Hothorse Design Bureau is an Oslo based creative studio founded in 2003 specialising in the area of print, brand identity and digital design & development.

Graphic design and print

Design for print: books, art catalogues, reports, brochures, leaflets and posters. Visual profiles and branding.

Web Development

Cross-device responsive design, content management systems, front-end web development and custom integrations.